Let's be adventurer


Norway - so rough and yet so tender. A road trip over three weeks in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. For me road trips are one of the most exciting ways to experience a country. My dogs are always by my side, there is so much to see and experience and above all you are not tied to one place. So of course I really enjoyed driving with the camper up to the island of Senja, along the Lofoten and back south to the Preikestolen. To get up at night, only to be able to stand on top of Segla in the morning when the first rays of sunlight hit and to look into the distance - this a very extraordinary experience and an indescribable feeling. Even if I would have liked to stay much longer, you get to know a country quite well in three weeks. I met many nice people, one of them even took me to see the rare musk oxen and told me so much about them. I am infinitely grateful for these memories and I hardly can wait for my next trip to Norway. Here is a little insight into how my dogs enjoyed and experienced the rough norwegian tenderness.
See you soon Norway!