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Roadtrip Norway

These are my most precious moments from a wonderful Roadtrip through Norway with my dogs. I love the kind of adventures where I can just feel free again, breathe and refuel myself. My dogs are a huge inspirational support and they help me relax. It's adventures like this that make me feel alive and that give me so much new inspiration for my projects.

Servus Habibi

"Servus Habibi" is a restaurant in Munich that brings the levant cuisine to Germany. The four owners Gal, Felix, Samir and Marvin have really created something great with their concept. They combine three cultures (Lebanon, Israel and Germany) and combine them with food and music. Not only the concept and the food convinced me, but also these four fantastic guys. In collaboration with Robin Brillert, we created an image video for them that shows their concept and carries their message to the world.

Harry Potter Intro Animation

Since I believe that the world needs a little bit more magic and I’m a huge Harry Potter fan I decided to go for this theme for a movie title animation at university. I loved working with this mystical mood in the filming as well as in the postproduction. For me filmmaking is often - especially in free projects - about creativity and the part about that I love the most is the sound design. I could spent hours just adjusting the music and the sound effects to create something you want to watch over and over again.
Fun fact: This was the first time I ever tried my camera not in photography but in videography mode.

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