Nikon Z6 II & Z9
Too much energy
22 years old
Loves a good wiskey
Located in Germany
Coffee Addict

Chiara Hofmayer

About me


  • Photography

    My core business is to take unique photos to reach out to people on an emotional level. It’s my passion to catch the perfect moment or create pictures with a message. I get inspired very easily and with portrait photography the model itself always inspires me. So I want to inspire other people with my kind of art as well.

  • Videography

    I believe in stories, tales and experiences. I love stories at bonfire and the spark in the eyes of people when they tell a story they’ve experienced. This is the reason for my passion for videography. I create videos that tell the story you want people to know.

  • UI/UX Design

    I love to support people and enterprises to get their message into the world. This is why I also like to design unique and creative websites and apps.

  • Social Media

    I am social, are you? Social Media is already a big part of our daily live and it is becoming even more. I want to help you to be who you want to be and make sure you carry your message in the right way.

  • About me

    Hi, this is me, Chiara. I like the ocean. Listen to the sound, smell the breeze. I like the forest. Dark. Mystical. But there is no greater joy than creating something. I just love to create something from scratch, with my camera, my laptop or sometimes even just a pencil and a napkin. To see the world through different eyes, and being able to show people my perspective on things - that’s something I burn for.

    Another thing that excites me is connecting with people that also see the world from a different point of view. Join me on my adventures and break the limits with me.

    “Everything you can imagine is real” - Picasso -

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